UGG boots are the latest in fashion accessories. Not only do they help keep your feet warm or cool according to the weather outside, they make a huge fashion statement too. UGG boots are cool, cute, cozy and relaxed. They are actually Australian Sheep skin boots made from double faced sheep skin. They are functional cute foot wear and are available in a variety of shades for you to choose from. Girly boots come in vibrant shades like pink and purple while guys seem to prefer neutral shades. They also come in a many styles such as heels, flats, chunky; with or without laces etc. These boots also have an advantage of being worn with or without socks as they have an inner fleece lining and aid in keeping your feet warm. UGG boots can be worn in cold weather and keep your feet safe up to a temperature as low as -30°F. 


For women and young girls, the boots look great with tight, skinny jeans tucked well into them, short skirts, opaque tights or even bare legs. For guys, UGG boots look wonderful with jeans and they can give a rUGGed or casual look, which depends on the type of shirts or jeans you wear with the shoes.

UGG boots can be worn with leggings. This gives you a trendy and chic look and can be worn almost everywhere. UGGs of every color looks good with black leggings. You can also wear the boots tucked into your jeans. This works best with skinny jeans and looks cool while helping to keep your feet dry and warm at the same time. The jeans can also be rolled up and worn with a cuff along the UGGs. This gives a casual rUGGed look and is easy and versatile.

The comfy UGG boots are best paired with your sweats. You can wear them over your sweats or wear your sweats over them. You will be amazed to find that the snug boots go well with your soft sweat pants. They also can be used while wearing snow clothes as they are roomy and large. It is however advisable not to wear UGG boots in warm weather. You might end up sweating profusely and leave stains on the boots.

It is good to get a suede protector which will protect your sheepskin boots from water. It should be sprayed on your boots once every week. This will prevent the color from fading.

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