University books are very expensive and if reused wisely can save a lot of money and resources. One can sell used books online or to university bookstores. Renting university text books is another cost effective option.

Unlike school books, u books are more expensive and can easily cost even $1000 per year. Compared to high school, a student at the university level uses more books and will have a lot more assignments and course work for which the student is required to refer a lot of books. Most of the material and content available in university books are more specialized in nature. Due to these reasons, the cost of university level books is more expensive. However, there are some websites that are a one stop shop for all kinds of course books including used books which are available at reduced prices.

If you are in dire need of money, you can even sell your used university books online. There are websites that are an excellent portal to facilitate such buying and selling. This not only helps you make some money but is also of use to other students who cannot afford to buy new expensive books. Most of these portals do not charge any kind of registration fees and you can post your university books online for free. The prices of books can also be negotiated by the parties concerned. Books are usually listed university wise or alphabetically department or course wise. This makes it easier for the buyer to search for the books wanted by him.

Books are a reusable resource. So, selling used university books not only helps other students save money but also helps in conserving the environment and its resources. Reduce, reuse and recycle has become the order of the day and if each one of us contributed towards this endeavor, then there would be enough and more natural resources for our successors to enjoy and cherish. Some university bookstores also buy back old used books. For some university books, you get back a good resale value while others may fetch you a minimal amount.

If you are looking for specific books, online library resources are the most useful. They give you links to the most sought after books and even give synopsis of the author and publications. Text book rentals are also a cost effective option these days to buying university books []. With the rising cost of tuition fees in universities and colleges and the equally rising prices of books, it makes sense to rent a particular text book for a given semester. There are many online sites that offer such valuable services. This definitely does save a lot of money and also time. Make use of all these valuable tips and help save valuable resources.

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