Put up $100,000 prize money and obtain the world’s greatest programmers to put together a forex robot. Then, after rigorous testing, pick the top 24, then put them head to head for 2 months and see which one comes out on top. Make all the results open and transparent for the entire Forex world to see and what do you get?

The Forex Robot World Cup https://twupro.com/

Over recent years, currency trading trading and the forex industry has really taken off. Every month, you’ll discover a different forex currency robot released to the market with tall claims about its ability. Regrettably, the average trader doesn’t have a way of knowing whether each product being launched is reputable, or just useless. An answer is to have a contest that will discover what works and what does not.

The FRWC is a global competition between robots from around the globe.The main rule is this, there can be no commercial robots allowed to enter, put simply, none of them must have been available for purchase before. There is $150,000 in prizes all up but the main prize of $100,000 goes to the first place getter making the most dollars within the allotted period.

The results are kept up to date in real time each and every 15 minutes also, the outcomes are exposed on the official site for all to observe. There hasn’t been a competition such as this before and the apparent goal is to find a robot that basically works. To put an end to the mass of sketchy robots which are distributed to unwary traders and to give them the option of discovering the most effective robots on earth.

What better way for you to see which robot works best than by running a live, head to head, contest? None that I know of. This is what the Forex Robot World Cup does, it uncovers the best robot in real life conditions.

This competition surely tends to make forex traders wish they knew how to program so they could enter for a chance at the prize money.But it is sure going to be entertaining to find out who the winner of the competition is and see what results it achieves. So far it seems that it can go anyway with a few extremely good programs claiming the top places.

At the time of writing this, the winner has been announced, the prize money allocated and the best forex trading robots in the world will be now be available to purchase for a select few. What, When, How can anyone get their hands on these things is the question on everyone’s lips in the forex community at the moment.

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