Afghanistan is one of the most troubled countries in the last 10 years. We’ve been at war with their Al-Qaida terrorists led by Bin Laden. Thousands of Unites States troops and troops from other countries have lost their lives trying to put an end to terrorism.

Besides all of the recent problems, Afghanistan is actually a beautiful country. It’s located somewhere within western and central Asia. It is bordered by Pakistan, India, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
Afghanistan has a natural beauty, interesting history and a very diverse culture. The country is landlocked, having seen armies of long forgotten empires, merchants and prophets over the last century. The imagery of war torn towns have not always been. The country once hosted Silk Road caravans and used to be the destination of hippies from all over.

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. According to 2008 estimates, the population of Kabul was 2.8million people. Kabul is estimated to be 3,500 years old and has a lot of history. Many empires have fount over the city to secure trade routes in central Asia.

The total population of Afghanistan is estimated at 28.7 million people. The rough area of Afghanistan is 647,500 Square Kilometers. The official language is Afghan Persian. The recommended best time to visit the country is between April and June for the best weather.

There are many amazing things to experience in Afghanistan. The bazaars in Herat are among the most amazing in the world. Fine, hand woven goods are available in mass. Visiting and climbing the Chihil Zina near Kandhar is an amazing scene. These 40 hand-carved steps have been around for hundreds of years and are an amazing part of the history. Swimming in the mineral-rich waters of the Band-e Amir lakes will surely be an experience to remember forever.

The main religion in Afghanistan is 99% Muslim. There are small amounts of other religions in practice, including Sunni, Shi’a and Judaism. Afghanistan is one of the poorest and underdeveloped countries in the world. The economy has begun to improve since 2002 when the infusion of US international assistance and investments began to arrive.

The national currency is the Afghani. 1 Afghani is currently equal to.02 United States dollars. In 2010 it was said that over 40% of Afghans live below the poverty line. Two thirds of the population lives on less than the equivalent of $2 United States Dollars each day.

Afghanistan is a very beautiful place to visit, but with all of the recent conflict, people are cautioned at visiting the country at this time. Hopefully in the future it will be safe enough for everyone to enjoy.


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